Sunday, August 30

The Mailbox Is Full

 Oh yeah…this is the time of year our sweet mail delivery guy starts to get cranky.  The Hub is a catalog shopper from way, way back and that puts us on every catalog list you can think of.  I am a catalog lover, not so much a shopper, and that must be their nightmare!  These are 3 of my all time faves:



 Imagine my giddiness when all 3 of these arrived on the same day!!  I could hardly wait to get them open.  My usual is to wait until the house is quiet, The Hub is asleep and the clock is telling me it’s just after midnight…catalog time!!  A cup of mint tea, no make up and catalogs…ahh…heaven.

From Pottery Barn I want this:





Instead of this:

not organized

 Hmmm..vintage birds, Minnie ears, flying monkey, Travelocity gnome…there must be a key to my real self somewhere in this mess….

Here’s the best…

ms gir cover

The Grandin Road Halloween Catalog with Martha Stewart!  I am not a Martha fan, but I am obsessed with her glitter! Really…so many pretty colors and if you are a glitter person, you must love this stuff.

Look at this cool banner.…and I can remember having a skeleton like this in our classroom when I was in elementary school…ahem.

  banner mag



The best of both worlds…Skeletons AND Glitter!!!


glitter skelly




But these are my absolute favorites and I am hoping I can get them mixed into the Halloween decorations without The Hub anyone noticing….

turn back



This guy is running a close second…isn’t he so neat?  We already have a vampire with glowing eyes and a talking butler so I am guessing I won’t be able to sneak him in.. 




Can’t hardly wait for tomorrow’s mail!

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Sandi McBride said...

Catalog time...yes, I have to say I love it! Of course around here that's the lament all the time!!! If it's not gardening catalogs it's the Wish Books...they fill the mailbox weekly! Hope you get your wishlist fullfilled!