Monday, February 11

You Can't Even Imagine... can't imagine what went on here on Saturday!! I have to leave in 20 minutes for my real world job (ick) and have to show property today, so this will be short!

The sale was a huge success...for a quick overview visit my sis Dawn over at Maebelle Park... and there is still so much good stuff left over! I've had some questions about what was left over and I am thinking I'll just do a Bloggy Yard Sale and post it all and if anyone wants something it will go to the first one who asks.

But, a quick re-cap: the little French girl drawing is still here and so is the child's chair, the picnic basket, linens and some beautiful glassware/porcelain. Anyway...I'll let you know exactly what's left and post it all at would make me happy to have some of this go to a place where it will be appreciated. What stories some of this could tell!

Oh...and the little French girl?? Well, Susie-Q had a wonderful idea and I've already done the research and gotten the information so that there is a way we can all enjoy her! Hmmm...someone thought a polka-dot mat would be a good cute is that??? I'll tell you all about that, too...

Can I just tell you that the sale started at 8AM and there were people parked in front of the house when I went outside to set up 6AM?? Craziness.


Janet said...

Great idea the bloggy yard sale, a lot o work for you to mail etc, but fun for us.

Good luck with the showings!


Tara said...

I',m anxious to see what is going on with the little French girl! (remember I thought she was on the potty?!?)

madrekarin said...

I bet yours was the yard sale of many people's dreams. I love it when I find one of those. :)
How I wish that I lived closer to you! I'd have been there in a heartbeat.
Can't wait to see what the little French girl will be up to. (I thought she was on the potty too!)

celestina marie said...

Your sales sounds like it was perfect. I would have loved to be there too.
La Rea Rose

Leigh said...

I had emailed you or your sis about price of the pcinic basket and the childs chair. Can you give me a price? Thx! Email to me. Email is on my profile on my blog.

Sandi McBride said...

Can't wait to see what's left! HURRY HURRY

Susie Q said...

I can not wait to see about the little potty girl. I love her so much as I know everyone else does!

And I just read all about your sale and this is why Bill swears we will never do it again. I worked so hard on it and did not get the numbers I had hoped for...people or money. WE got people at 7 am...yes, 7 am and the sale was a city wide one and was to begin at 9 in every home. They pounded on the garage door and asked if they could come in early.
Bill was so tired he let them come in and then they tried to negotiate DOWN on several things. Uh, people, we are not even open yet, we are not marking down yet.
Ejuts. Or, that is what our old neighbor in VA called people like that...E-juts..or that is how it sounded when he called them idiots and we have always used that between ourselves. : )

Then those people who try to talk you down from $1 to a quarter on something that was bought for $25 and used once just 6 months prior.
Nope, I would rather donate it, especially when those asking got out of Mercedes' and dripped diamonds. Yup...I will just donate.

We had a great sale in Illinois before we moved here. But the people do drive you crazy! Open at 6, they would show up at 4am.

Then we had those that wanted to buy what was hanging on the garage walls behind the sign marked NOT FOR SALE!
"Why?" Cuz it is NOT FOR SALE you E-jut!
But I will give you $5! I bet you is new, worth $75 and I just got it!

The human is fun isn't it??

But, did you make a lot of moolah???

Let us know about the little girl! I covet her! : )

Rest up now...and count your earnings! Sandi...I am wonderin'...what is LEFT??? " _