Wednesday, February 27

Big Ol' Tuesday

The real world job took over my Monday but yesterday was a pretty good day overall...

Yea, okay...who saw Oprah yesterday?? If you did, lucky you...and if you didn't, what a shame! Her first guest, in all of his cuteness was in Springfield... **sigh** He talked about his kids, got teary when talking about his wife and gave a pretty good performance of "Jessie's Girl". he even managed to visit & surprise some lucky lady at her place of work. Just my luck..wrong place, wrong time...

Anyway...that was so much fun to watch, but I also got the Bloggy Yard Sale packages ready to go, got to watch American Idol with Bailey, did some grocery shopping, went to the Post Office and sat through a horrible rain storm that has chilled us off here in Central's now 48 degrees, will be about 35 degrees tonight and only a high of 60 degrees tomorrow. Nice change since it's been about 80 degrees for the past week.

So, there you have it...and I do have the info on The Little French Girl get ready for that!

Hmmmm..60 degrees sounds like Disney weather to me... :)


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Every time I come to your blog I have a flashback of my teenage days! LOVE your blog! =)

Susie Q said...

I was thinking about you Ms. Cassie...were you dancing and singing and enjoying it all to heck? : )

You have been SO busy. I still so want to pay you for the tin or do are just the best you know? : )

I am so excited to hear about the French girl!


celestina marie said...

Cassie, always love your postings. Looking forward to the info on the French girl. Stay warm. LOL
La Rea Rose