Thursday, February 21

Thank You Very Much!!

The Big Kiss Award

Sweet Sandi over at Holding Patterns has honored me with this award and I am so proud to share it with you all!! How exciting... ;)

And, thanks to everyone that stopped by the Bloggy Yard Sale. Sold a couple of things and had some sweet comments and THANK YOU!! What fun..and I may switch some stuff around, add some stuff, take away some stuff...just see what happens. There are treasures all over the place and maybe we can do some sharing...hmmmm??

Can't spend too much time visiting you all today...many errands to run and things are poppin' in my little Real Estate world...lucky me!! Have a closing on one house tomorrow and just got a contract on one of my listings in late yesterday afternoon. Oh, it's a good thing, but so much paperwork...ack.

So, anyway...thanks for the cool award, thanks for visiting the Yard Sale, thanks for stopping by here...***MWAH***


Sandi McBride said...

Hey, how did I miss the bloggy yard sale???? Going to have to go check it out...and you're so very welcome you deserve that award!

janet said...

You are very lucky, nothing like that oing on in our R.E. world.


Susie Q said...

You so deserve this award!!

Oh Cassie! I don't expect you to send the tin free!! I must do something for you!! You are just the sweetest really are.

I am so glad things are moving for you Real Estate wise. Things are so slow here it is awful. : (

Thank you so much for your are TOO sweet!