Sunday, October 14

I Know, I Know...Long Time, No Write...

HELLO FRIENDS (notice that I am yelling to try and get your attention)...I hope you haven't all deserted me yet!! What a month this has been and I have just scads of stuff to tell you, pictures to share, stuff to bitch about...yea, like, I've had NO ONE to talk to for a very long time! No way to do it all in one post, so I may seem a bit more scattered than normal for a few days, but I want to get it all in!

First...I must thank The Hub for filling in and making me feel oh so special! We did have an amazing Alsaka trip and, considering we only had a little over a week to pull it together, it was so much fun. Whatever Alaskan wildlife you can think of, we saw and we visited the winery, the brewery, the float plane lodge, the discovery centers, both of The Hubs played golf, the shops and the restaurants. No one would ever accuse me of missing a meal, but Holy Crap, we ate 3 (or 4) meals a day, each day. Every. Day. As we would be getting up from breakfast (normally non existent in our house) we would be trying to decide where to have was like a sickness...and I have the added 6 pounds to prove it!

Three days after getting back from the Alaskan Food-A-Palooza, I had to accompany my Mom to her sister's in Virginia. Spent 5 days there seeing lots of historic stuff...and spent an incredible afternoon on the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. I even brought home some acorns that were just laying on the ground waiting for me (dork). Got home from Virginia Tuesday afternoon and left on Wednesday morning for Chicago to handle the final burial arrangements for The Hub's aunt. Services on Thursday and back home that afternoon. Back to real, problems, laundry....ick. But, a great real life it let's move on. Guess I will try and give you a trip overview and then add pictures over the next couple of days...I am at real life work NOW, so no picture access. Sorry.....

Those that have read previous posts may know that I am one of those chronically late people. Always 15 minutes late. Always. No matter when I get started or how much time I allow...always. Don't like that about myself, but it is what it is. And, I think I may speak for a few others here when I say that standing around telling us the time and saying "I'm ready" doesn't help. It would be a bit more helpful, if you care to know, to say..."Is there anything I can do to help you?" :)

Wednesday morning, 4:15AM. Time to get up. I really thought I was ahead of the game this time by having most of the packing done the night before. Too much confidence, should have known better. We have to meet our friends at the airport at 6AM and we live very close, so leaving at 5:40 was the plan. Without too many details, let's just say that The Hub was ready before me and quite happy to tell me about it. The pressure was on. Wanting to look nice for the trip, I was determined to put on all of my make up and do the many steps that project requires. "It's 6:25", he reminds me. The pressure mounts. I pull the eyeshadow tube from my make up bag, I open it and run it over my eyelid without a thought. Hmmm...must need a new one, this feels weird. Sticky? Need to rub it in. Are you kidding me??? Lip Gloss. I have put lip gloss on my eyes...and now, I have to start OVER AGAIN!!! You can imagine the rest...and we left at 5:55...ah, yes...15 minutes late. But, our friends did not get mad and cancel the trip, the plane didn't leave without us and all was right in our world. A word of advice...for those that may want a new experience, don't try lip gloss eye shadow. P.I.T.A.

Anyway...I will get the pictures together and show you how beautiful it was. There's stuff I need to tell you about. Halloween, Rick Springfield, The Guinness Book of Records Zombie Walk, Screamfest. No kidding. I've missed you *;)*


jbrealtor said...


Glad you are back and in one piece. Can't wait to hear about the trip.

Kari said...

So glad you're FINALLY back! Can't wait to hear everything...I'm still laughing about the lip gloss eye shadow. Goober. But I totally understand the whole acorn gathering thing (no squirrel jokes, please!). If I hadn't of been surrounded with family the other day, I'd have gathered up some myself, but A) they wouldn't slow down enough for me to pick any up and, B) they snickered at my intentions. lol
Get to typing and posting pictures...I'm all a flutter just waiting to hear of your adventures. (And I'm sorry about your husband's aunt!!!!)

Sandi McBride said...

Okay, who are you really? You must be a family member, you sound like a family member...hell you sound like me...for my anniversary all I want is to go to Pizza Hut...I'm so sick of seafood one more piece of shrimp will gag me...I'm dying over the lipgloss...hey, try deodorant for hair that's what call you call a bad judgement! Thanks for stopping by my ramblings today and the good wishes on our 39th...yep, I think we're stuck with each other lol
Will be back, ready for pictures...hope your Aunt in law had a lovely life...

Susie Q said...

I am so glad you are home safe and sound! I missed you!
You cracked me up, as usual!

I am so sorry about your Aunt...I hope she ha a wonderful life and I know she was loved!

So glad to see you back! I look forward to seeing all of pictures!
Alaska is an amazing place!