Wednesday, October 24

For Kari, Sandi & Joey...

We hold our hearts in sorrow today and send prayers of strength to our dear friends Kari and Sandi. Their cousin/nephew Joey was not able to recover from a very serious work related accident and he accepted his wings and headed home. Please take a minute to visit with them and, even if you don't really "know" them, let them know you are thinking of Joey's family, and of them and their own.

"When I Get Where I Am Going"

When I get where I'm going

On the far side of the sky

The first thing that I'm gonna do

Is spread my wings and fly

I'm gonna land beside a lion

And run my fingers through his mane

Or I might find out what it's like

To ride a drop of rain

Yeah when I get where I'm going

There'll be only happy tears

I will shed the sins and struggles

I have carried all these years

And I'll leave my heart wide open

I will love and have no fear

Yeah when I get where I'm going

Don't cry for me down here

I'm gonna walk with my grand daddy

And he'll match me step for step

And I'll tell him how I missed him

Every minute since he left

Then I'll hug his neck

So much pain and so much darkness

In this world we stumble through

All these questions I can't answer

So much work to do

But when I get where I'm going

And I see my maker's face

I'll stand forever in the light

Of his amazing grace

Yeah when I get where I'm going

There'll be only happy tears


I will love and have no fear

When I get where I'm going

Yeah when I get where I'm going

Brad Paisley


Susie Q said...

This was so beautiful Cassie. I just knew, when no update came in last night, that something was very wrong. Bless them all...U will continue to pray for Karen and the boys.
I will keep them in my heart and thoughts and prayers.

You are a sweetie dear Cassie.


Sandi McBride said...

Cassie, you are one of the wonderful people and Kari and I thank you all so much...I remember the first time I heard When I get where I'm going" I had to pull the truck over to the side of the road because I could'nt see it for the tears! I am satisfied in my soul that Joey is exactly where he should be, God doesn't make mistakes. I dreamed the night he died that he had met up with his Pawpaw who was giving him a pinch of snuff!!! Thanks so much, my friend. I can't wait for Kari to get home and back in time with life...

Kari said...

Thank you, Cassie. That was beautiful.