Sunday, October 21

New Stuff For THE HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY..and New Pictures!!

Just so you know, a couple of really cool things were added to the Giveaway Box today...I just know the winner will have some kinda fun checking it all out!!
To go back a couple of days...yes...the Zombie Walk was a success. No, we didn't get into the World Book of Records, but what a great time we had. My daughter decided to come along since The Hub couldn't make it and it was so very cool. I mean, really now, what warms your heart more than Mother & Daughter zombies?? We took some great pictures and met some great people...even had my picture, in zombie face, taken with one of the original guys from "Night Of The Living Dead". My zombie heart was singing... ;)

I've decide not to post the zombie pics...based on the number of responses I haven't had to the Halloween Giveaway, I'm guessing not many people are as jacked up about Halloween as I we'll hold off on the photos, but for those that have signed up, I thank you. And, the winner will get the best dang Halloween Box ever!!

So, keeping in the spirit of all things Autumn, let me show you a couple things around our place:
This is our All Fall Season pumpkin...he stays with us all through Thanksgiving.

Meet the Halloween King & Halloween Queen. I know, not really Fall, but they stay out, too!

Look at these cutie pie faces....

And, my favorite Peppercorn Candle surrounded by sunflowers and can also get a glimpse of my gourd Jack-O and the Basket O' Pumpkins on the fireplace hearth...

Hope everyone had a great soon!


Andi said...

I'm so into Halloween!!! You can tell by my glad you stopped by. Even in Florida where the leaves don't change...we love Halloween and Fall!

Love your decorations!

Andi said...

By the way...I've added you to my links.

Jean said...

Aw come on! I want to see your zombie face! Love the sunflowers with the candle and your fall season pumpkin!

Susie Q said...

Oh how I love this time of year! And your decor is mighty sweet!

Love it all...and, now, I wanna see your zombie self!!! Please?? Please?? PLUUUUUZEEEEE???


Sandi McBride said...

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