Tuesday, October 16

Enjoy Alaska With Us !!!

Finally! These are unedited, uncropped and just a smidgen of what we were able to do in our two week visit! The Hub will be putting together a DVD...yes, he's technically empowered like that...and I can't wait to see it. Since we couldn't take you all with us, I hope this will make you smile. ;)


jbrealtor said...

Wow, those are beautiful pix, so wild and primitive. Glad you had fun, the real estate market did NOT turn around while you were gone. More's the pity!

Susie Q said...

How gorgeous...I so want to visit this great place someday. LOVE the seal!! : )

Thank you for sharing it all with us!

Hugs aplenty,

Kari said...

I'm was so impressed with the pictures of the glaciers. But then you showed the chocolate fountain. Now THAT'S my kind of vacation picture! lol

Alaska seems to have much more to offer than I would have ever thought. I'm really going to have to get over my fear of flying and start seeing the world!

Tonya said...

It is so beautiful, I wanna go!