Tuesday, September 11

We Must Never Forget


Kari said...

Amen to that.

Sharon Kay said...

A day that we will never forget and a day to reflect on all the changes to our world. God Bless America.......

Julian's blog said...

Hi there!

Oh, I've been surfing through the Blogs...and many sites have posted memorials.
I like this one a lot.
Kind regards!

Susie Q said...

This is an amazing picture...a wow.
IT is still so hard for me to view this skyline without tears.

I was in NYC with my Mom and Grandma
before the towers were built. We stopped in a near by lobby to view the models and see the plans. Later, we were back and saw them being built.
Years later we took Danny there and oh how amazing they were...and, this year, we took Grace. Gone...it still does not seem possible. Ground Zero is so moving...

Thank you for sharing this.