Friday, September 7

Seals and Otters and Bears...OH MY!

Yessssss.....we are going back to A-L-A-S-K-A!! I say "back" because this will be our 3rd trip and this FL raised girl just can't get enough! We've been tossing this around for the last several months and just couldn't make up our minds. In 2004, we did the whole land tour/cruise thing in June and just had a blast and in 2006 we went back in March for the start of the Iditarod Race...and it was amazing. But, our dear friends have agreed to join us so it's an official old fart party and we can't wait!! We will be leaving next Wednesday and have 10 days to see SW Alaska..the Kenai Peninsula. This should be quite an adventure since we are flying into anchorage and renting a tour guides this time.

Been checking out just about every hour and it's gettin' chilly! There may even be a few snow flurries and that is just the absolute best! I know Susie and Kari are sweltering...wish I could just pack you guys up and take you with me! I will have to post some pictures of our previous trips so you can compare them with what will be coming your way...NEXT WEEK!! sweating for 10 whole days...seems like a dream.... ;)

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Kari said...

You know...after serving my time in Montana (no, I wasn't actually in prison, but 6 months up there in the middle of nowhere made me THINK I was) I swore I'd never venture that far north again. HOWEVER. That was BEFORE menopause and BEFORE I had my brain baked to a spongy, soggy mass by all this freakin' heat...Alaska is lookin' mighty fine to me right about now! I hope you have a fantastic time and please, I'm BEGGING YOU - find me some snow and take pictures, LOTS of pictures of it!!!

(And I meant no disrespect for our Montana brethren. I swear I didn't.)