Tuesday, September 11

For Those Looking For Ear Candy

Music, Music, Music! Can't live without it and it is a HUGE part of my everyday life. Some of you have been inquiring about the cool jukebox I've got going over there, so here's the scoop:

When you get there, click "Stations" at the top of the page. Oh yeah, baby..thousands of songs, all in neat little categories and you can even play a sample of whatever you want to hear. There is also a "Search" tab to find your absolute faves! Easy Peasy and you will get lost in it! I like it 'cause I can sign in to my blog page, minimize it and have all my favorite music while I do whatever else I need to do. I have about 300 songs on there, so that's like a whole days worth of good stuff!!
Go. Try it. You'll like it. Trust me when I tell you this...it's E-Z.

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jbrealtor said...


I am loving this music, makes me feel like teen again, hope no one is looking! Have fun in Alaska. We are planning a cruise to Alaska next year from where else but Seattle. Look forward to your posts from there.