Monday, September 10

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!

Look at this, people! The very sweet Ms. Kari has bestowed this honor on me and I do thank her from the bottom of my heart!
So, in good spirit I pass this on to:
the talented Ms. Stacey, the sassy Ms. Em, the sweet Ms. Tonya (I have forgiven you for the crack about going back to the ballerina career..HA), the creative Ms. Cathy, that paintin' fool Ms. Steph and the oh so inspiring Ms. Tracey. Thanks ladies for lifting us all up!


Stacey said...

Why Thank you Cassie! You made my day!... I imagine you thought haunting would.. but I do that most every day, ask my kids!
I love stopping by and listening to the music~ some really wonderful tunes that I haven't heard in ages. You make me smile AND bring back memories~ now THAT is a friend!

Citygirl-Em said...

Well, thank you Ms. Cassie! How sassiness makes you smile! Hey, where can I get a groovy juke box like yours? I want one, too!!

Tonya said...

Oh what an honor!! I'm glad you forgave me for the ballerina comment. LOL
Now I really must go, I have to go work on my acceptance speech and practice my Miss America wave. LOL
Thanks, Tonya

Steph said...

Bringing up the rear here....My first blog award....sniff, sniff! The Paintin' Fool (hey, I kinda like that title) thanks you!! And another completely separate "thanks" for waking me up with a smile this morning....what a nice thing to see in your e-mail first thing!!

Susie Q said...

Oh how you deserve this award!!! You are surely are someone who brightens up my days!!

Congratulations you smile maker you!