Thursday, September 6

The Stress Test Gave Me Stress...

I have spent the entire day...and I mean entire, as in 9:30AM until 5PM trying not to stress over my stress test. It started out okay...a follow up for my sensitive, yet pleasantly plump, tummy. No pain? Check. No cramps? Check? Medication Refill? Check.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off To Cardiology I Go....and I managed to be a few minutes early. Must have been my nerves, because we all know I am always 15 minutes late. Always. Even though it just happened today, the details are already a bit foggy. I was led back to a small office with a sign over the door that identified it as the "Injection Center". What am I doing here?? Just as I was sitting on the edge of the seat...don't want to look like I want an injection...I was told to change and put on two gowns. "Follow the gowning technique" Eva Braun said. She must have seen the "are you kidding me?" look on my face because she pointed to the sign on the cabinet. I squinted my eyes and said "I know the gowning technique." I don't think she bought it.

Okay, 2 gowns and an IV later, I'm sent to a waiting room with not enough chairs and a TV with the volume so low that only a bat can hear it. "Drink 2 cups of water" and on the second sip of the water, I'm called away. Efficiency. Echocardiogram finished within about 15 minutes and back to the no chair waiting room. New cup of water and then I'm called again. There are warning signs everywhere about letting someone know if you are pregnant or breast feeding...I told the tech I was breast feeding. I don't think he bought it.

Nuclear test for the treadmill. All I can think of is losing my balance while I'm going 3 miles an hour on a 15% incline and shooting out into the hall with 2 gowns flapping in the breeze. But, much to my surprise I finished the test without falling and went the entire distance...however they measure that...without embarrassing myself or any of them. Now, the waiting for the results. Of course we hope that there is nothing out of whack, but then I just totally out of whack? They say that women's heart symptoms are different than men's, so I just have to go with the whole "better safe than sorry" deal. I am thankful my Dr. feels the same way... ;)

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jbrealtor said...


We are getting more and more alike. I had a stress test recently also. The worst part was when I was done they made me drink apple juice. Is there anything sweeter and less appealing than apple juice( especially when I hadn't been able to have coffee). Talk about stress!! I am fine and I am sure you will be too. It's just the real estate!