Wednesday, November 21

It's All About The Lights!

**Sorry about the fuzzy photos..this little camera isn't too good at night**

Hint For Santa: better camera
Birthday Hint: better camera

And I do mean All. About. The. Lights. The "Osborne Family Spectacle Of Dancing Lights" at Disney MGM Studios Backlot. The "Dancing" part is new...about every 15 minutes, everything moves to music. It's quite a production...millions of lights, they say . Everything has lights attached to it. I would guess they would cover anyone that stood still for too long!

It all gets started at 6PM and with the time change, it's just past dusk. They throw a big fake switch and the lights all go on at once. And then it starts to SNOW!! It almost makes you forget that it's about 77 degrees. Don't know what it looks like soap bubbles...but, it's special and fun and really gets you in the holiday mood the way only Disney can... can un-squint.