Saturday, November 17

Don't Miss This One

Had the chance to see this at a Sneak Preview tonight! It was Sold Out in both theaters and the audience applauded when it finished. Outstanding and oh, so beautiful!!

Just couldn't wait to tell ya! Enjoy the rest of your weekend....


Janet said...

Didn't work for me, but you know I am a techno-clutz. Hey, I just made up a new word!!! Your playlist is gone and is replaced by "Fine Tune".

Just thought you might want to know. Sure the movie is great though.

Kari said...

Gosh, I don't know. The previews seemed kind of sappy to me. BUT. If my dear friend Cassie says it's good, I may have to take a leap of faith!!!

I love reading bloggers reviews of movies and books. Makes it easier for me to decide whether or not I want to check something out. Thanks for "reviewing" this one...I probably never would have considered seeing it but for YOU!