Thursday, December 1

Peace, Baby

I think I mentioned at some point that I am working full time now, but I don't think I told you what I am doing.  It's a bit of a twisty story, but I have finally landed at a K-12 Charter School.  Never did anything like this before, but I love what I do and being around the kids is an absolute blast!

I am the Principal's Secretary, Admin Assistant, Office Manager....I'm not quite sure how to classify it, but I have a really cool office and try to keep the Principal on track.

Anyway...I'll share some details about that later, but...this is our Homecoming Week and each day is a different "Dress Up" day.  I haven't joined in yet this week...Pajama Day?  Uh, no thanks.  Favorite Sports Team Day?  No, not that either.  Nerd Day?  I was a nerd in school and to me it's kind of like making fun of those that are different.  I know, I know...lighten up a bit...but, it hits just a little too close to home, I guess. 

But....Favorite Decade Day?  Now, your talking my language.  I couldn't push the envelope too much, I mean I speak to vendors and parents all day long, but I did have a little bit of fun!

And...who is that with me?  You are's Daughter Bailey!  She teaches First Grade so I see her and her classroom of kiddles every day...lucky me.  :)

Tie Dye shirt?  Check.  Scarf around my head?  Check.  John Lennon specs?   Check.   Peace Sign?  Check.  Beads in school colors?  Check. Welcome to the 70's!

Now, you have to know that I got this tie dye shirt at my High School Reunion last year, so the name of the High School is on the shirt and the Graduating year....oh can't see the year??

Just a little piece of duct tape will keep me forever young....hahahaha!  (Looking at the folds in my neck, I guess I should have used the tape to cover that completely!)

We had a great time....Pep Rally, Powder Puff Football and Bonfire, fun , fun.


Janet said...

Glad that you have "landed" in a place that is a perfect fit for you. Listening to Alvin brings me back to my childhood when that song was new and my parents bought it for me and my brother. It's one of the 2 records I recall having ( the other being "Teddy Bears Picnic).

Happy Holidays to you and the Hubs and Bailey!

Sandi McBride said...

So glad to see you Cass! Love that you have a job you are liking...and that header is terrific!