Tuesday, December 20

It Sure Doesn't Look Like Christmas

The weather is beautiful today...mid 70's, sun, slight breeze.  The only problem is that it is kind of difficult to get into the Holiday Spirit, you know??

Since moving to our new home, The Hub has been golfing 3-4 days a week and he is loving it!  Of course, a new golf cart was part of the deal and it arrived a week or so ago.  I will share some pics when I can...it's one of a kind....but, look at the shot below.

Hard to see, but this was taken from our back porch...and there's The Hub and his new toy!  Not the white one...that belongs to the Country Club....his is all black and kind of hiding in the shadows.

Anyway....believe it or not, this is Christmas in Florida!

1 comment:

Janet said...

Looks like you passed on your 12/19 appointment, huh? No spirit here either and it's getting late for me to find it :)