Saturday, December 24

Christmas Toy

I finally got The Hub off of the golf course long enough to get some shots of the new cart!  I don't play golf, I don't know much about golf and I guess I don't know much about the "secrets" of having a golf cart.  Seems like you are supposed to have a cart that is tricked out in details about something you are very supportive of.  Your college, your fraternity/sorority, your let's see if you can figure out what The Hub is all fired up about.

Full Side View

3-D Decal on the Front

Flames on the Side
(the cart can go 20mph, but this makes it look like it's going at least 25mph)

Back Bumper

Valve Stems
(just in case you are adding air to the tires and forget for a minute what the cart is all about)

And....this is how it looks in the snow.

**PS**  Did you figure out that he graduated from Ohio State?   :)

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