Friday, November 25

Little Abe

Bailey (aka the Daughter) and I took a chance and headed out for a bit of shopping today and surprisingly, it wasn't too bad.  Of course, we were out kind of early...8:00...and we probably weren't at the Black Friday hotspots.  Our poison?  Hobby Lobby (I swear, I hear angels sing when I walk in that place), Bath & Body Works and Hallmark.  We did venture into Macy's about 11:00, but it still wasn't that bad.

The point of this is...we didn't have a lot of time to fool around, since Bailey has a new baby at home!  Yes...Little Abe joined our family just about 3 weeks ago and he is precious.....

He is about 7 weeks of yumminess covered in the softest fur you could ever imagine!  Bailey now has her own apartment and was missing our own kitties, Jake & Woody.   Our kitties are rescue kitties and she knew she wanted to share her life with a kitty that really needed her. Don't know a whole lot about him, only that he was brought in the day before she saw him, as a stray. I mean, he was only about 4 weeks old!  Her "adoption" of Abe isn't final yet...they won't approve that until he weighs 2 pounds!!  At his re-check next week, she should get the adoption finalized.  Abe is proving to be a great roommate and seems to get cuter by the day.

Just look at how little he is.....

He has a great space to stay whenever she is out and she is very good about not being gone too long.  She even comes home during her lunch break and spends that time just sitting with him.  He has wiggled himself right into the corner of our hearts and he's going to stay right there!

Kind of an early Christmas present....Welcome Home, Abe!

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Janet said...

There is absolutely nothing cuter than a kitten:)