Sunday, July 26

Mama Se, Mama Sa, Mama Coo Sa

Had the chance to see something special a few days back...and it was special! It's been a month since the news of Michael Jackson's death stunned us all and I still cannot really believe it.

There has been lots of controversy (shocker!), even among my group of friends, and I really think I have kept myself under control and tried to keep my yap shut. Someone tried to pull me into a discussion/debate a couple of days ago and I finally just asked that person not to talk about this with me. I am adopting the "do not talk about politics or religion with friends" approach...however, my new mantra will be "do not talk about politics, religion OR Michael Jackson with friends".

My opinion....and only my opinion, not that of any of my immediate family or that his death is a tremendous loss to the entertainment world. He changed the face of music, video, dance...I don't think there was more than a handful of spots in the world that would not recognize his picture. His personal life was none of my business and what in the wide, wide world of sports does that have to do with his entertainment skills?? How he spent his money or raised his children or applied his eyeliner doesn't take away from the fact that I love his music. I have never walked in his shoes and have no idea what having to deal with that level of fame is like. To even begin to criticize or analyze his life is ignorant. I was never a part of his life and whatever you hear from anyone but him is just hearsay....since he is no longer here, there is no way to know what is or isn't, what was or wasn't, true.

Excuse me while I step down off of this soap box....

So...with that out of the way...I would like to share some pictures with you from a really fun event that I enjoyed with The Daughter & some of her friends....

Reportedly, the country's best "Michael Jackson Tribute Band" was here in Orlando and the show was amazing! Sold out with about 1500 people in the crowd and what a great time we had....

This is a tribute band that has played all over the world and is on a whirlwind tour across the South now...they do play here at House of Blues about 3 times a year. 6 musicians and a lead singer, they sound great and they have an essence of Michael. Not an impersonator, so the lead singer doesn't really look like Michael, but he had just about everything else.

Great show, about 90 minutes long and lots of dancing and audience participation. Took you all the way back to The Jackson 5, through Billie Jean and Thriller, through Beat It and Man in the Mirror and brought you all the way to Dirty Diana and Dangerous. I loved it.

Oh yeah...ignore the "No Camera" instructions on the ticket...I did. :)

Guess who???


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Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Okay, I won't discuss MJ with you, except to say I'm amazed at how quickly the tributes have gone out. It sounds like the group you saw has been active awhile, but I actually saw a newly minted bio of him on the bookstands last week! The magazines that are dedicated to him seem to have tripled over the last few days and the CD's are sold out everywhere. Amazing.

I'll just remember with fondness the excitement of Thriller when it first came out. :)