Friday, July 31


Busy, busy, busy....!! We are packed up and ready to's amazing how many things you think of that you use every single day without really thinking about it. I just hope these houseboat guys have some kind of "move in system" 'cause we are really taking a lot of stuff!

We are all excited and expecting to have a wonderful time, but there have been a couple of fleeting moments that kind of make you step back and think....mmmm...on a boat, no way out, everyone together all that time. This just happened this morning...

We went to pick up the big van we rented to haul all of the above mentioned stuff and decided it would be easier to get the ice on the way home than stop and get it later....

The Hub: You should stop & get the ice once you leave me at the rental place.

Me: Okay. How much?

The Hub: Hmmmm..Let's see....hmmmmm....maybe,um......

Me: How many coolers??

The Hub: Two. The bigger one and a small one for drinks on the road

Me: Two??

The Hub: Yep. how about 3 bags of ice...20 lbs.each.

Me: Right. 60 lbs??

The Hub: 3 x 20 equals 60. I am going to stop and top off the gas tank on the way home.

Me: If you are going to the gas station anyway, why don't you get the ice and let me just go home?

The Hub: They don't have 20 lb. bags of ice at the gas station....only 10 lb bags.

**What did he just say???? Won't 6 bags of ice at 10 lbs each still equal 60 lbs?? I mean, I am certainly no math head, but last time I thought about it, 6 x 10 = 60.**

Me: Oh...okay. Sure. I'll get the ice.'s gonna be a long week. :)

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Sandi McBride said...

LOL! I'm with ya Cassie! Long week indeed, but enjoy it, every second of it!