Sunday, April 19

Windy, Windy, Windy

I took these pictures a couple of days ago when it was a bit chilly here in F-L-A. Whenever there is a big temperature change, the wind kicks up a bit and it's really noticeable here on the lakeside. I mean..we had whitecaps!!

They even break on the shoreline...check out that clear water! We are lucky to live on the cleanest chain of lakes in Central FL...the Conway Chain.

And there's always more surprises that wash up on the shore...

It seems like there is always a raft or tube that gets loose from across the way...we just pull it up on shore to keep it safe and wait for the owners to show up and claim it. And, they did.

Sorry...this was an accident, but I'm all about the Croc's! I've had this pair for about 5 years....

Anyway...after a couple of chilly days(like 40 degrees chilly!) I think we've seen the end of the coolness. Now we are gearing up for typical FL days...high temps & high humidity.

Before I forget...remember the little thrifted wicker sleigh I was re-doing? Here's how it turned out...sweet! Someone fell in love with it at our Antiques & Trade Fair and they walked off happy. I love the way those little pink flowers match...and the Fairy...and how about the hat??

The whole Fair was tons of fun and we even had the chance to meet LUCY RICARDO!! She loved everything we had done and wanted to get a picture with our Bad Girl can read all about everything here: Bad Girls of the South.

Seems like I'm over the worst of my sickness...and, wouldn't you know The Hub has been under the weather, too. Maybe it is time for some sunny weather!

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