Monday, April 27

Just In Case You Are Looking For Me

It's that time again......

Yep...been summoned for Jury Duty 4 times. Been picked for a Jury 4 times. 4 times. Theft, DUI, Murder...been there and been picked. 4 times.

Got my book? Check
Got my glasses? Check-Check
Got my Tylenol? Checkity-Check-Check-Check.
See ya.


Farmgirl said...

Hi Cassie, Just this morning on the news they were saying Orange County has a wicked I mean a really wicked high crime rate ~ BUT~ say it's over rated and as bad as national media makes up to be? 4 times speaks for itself~ sorry~ chin up~ come move up ~ Levy ~ love to have you as a neighbor ~ here in boonieville~

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Man, oh man! What "luck"!! I've been called for jury duty 4 times, but never selected.
Bless you!