Tuesday, April 21

Just Thinkin'

Even though I am not an everyday blogger...where does the time go...I visit certain blogs almost everyday and always find a path to something new and then another and so on. So many different people making their way around and it really has me thinking...

I love the blogs that are all sweetness & light and pretty music and have been wondering if it's time to change things up a bit here at Mockingbird Hill.

I have read that some of the ladies purposely write about everything good because they think that's the reason people visit...to be cheered or comforted in some way. That's not really me.... (I mean "writing about just the good stuff" part)

I do like the sweet music and almost ethereal feeling I get when I visit some places....but I am a 60's/70's music girl and can't imagine a day without that. So, that's not really me, either....

And, I do love the pink roses and ribbons but red is my favorite color and I have had a few people tell me that the red here is sometimes a surprise, but they like it, too!

But, I also know that change is usually good and keeps things interesting, so I'm looking around for something that is different but still says "me". Oh, I'm sure it will involve a change in color but I'm not sure I can do away with the music. I am so loving the list in the playlist now...love. it.

Anyway...just thinking.

1 comment:

Jean said...

Nothing wrong with change unless you try to change into something you are not! I love the music and the red! Jean