Wednesday, June 18

Things Are Moving Forward!

Okay...most of the floor is done in the kitchen! Here is the marble next to the terrazzo and there is quite a difference!

It isn't really this's been so rainy here and there wasn't much sun. But, it is beautiful!

Uh...yeah. They are painting everything. Even the rafters. The previous owners had taken out the ceilings in the living and dining rooms exposing just the roof trusses. A unique look , but we like it...kind of big barn-ish. Anyway...they are spraying it all!

See that long thing covered in plastic? That's our chandelier.

And...the ceiling fans....

And...the fireplace. Yes, you read it right, a fireplace in Florida.

Remember the dust I mentioned?? The dust I couldn't keep up with?? Sure you do. These are our dining room chairs and they are sitting in the entrance foyer...scary!

Even Jake can't believe what he's seeing! We will have to have the carpets cleaned and really work on the upholstery. It's been covered, but this stuff is everywhere!!

And, we are running out of room to move stuff. This is stuff rom the kitchen and lots of books from the shelves in the living room. Looks like some serious clean out before we replace all of this, hmmm???

But, cabinets are on the way...can't wait to show you those!!

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Janet said...

That last picture reminds me of why we keep the "status quo", that and money, lol.

Your song was a favorite (of mine and my ex) back in the day. A touch of nostalgia this morning...ah the innocence of youth!