Friday, May 23

Gotta Play Catch Up

We are a couple of days into this remodel and I am, once again, just a couple of days behind too! Anyway....I don't want to bore you with out itty bitty kitchen details so just take a quick look at these:

They don't even make this kind of combo unit anymore. The microwave on top has been broken for about a year and we had a small one sitting on the counter. Good thing, because for the next 4-6 weeks we will be getting lots of use out of it!

Obviously before digital....

And, while we're at it let's check out this coffee maker, shall we? Getting rid of this is so worth having to eat out of the microwave for a month!

But...losing this sink with the attractive "rust color accents" makes the whole remodel really special!!

I have no idea what that little picture tile is...there's only one in the entire kitchen. And, check out that under counter lighting. Hey...wait a minute...what's that little thing poking out??'s the electric cord. Nice touch.

And...the late 70's pineapple wall paper in country blue accented by the colonial sconces and repro-phone!

And...all of this extends down the stairs to the family room! Yippee!! I won't missing that tile floor, either!

Seen enough?? No Way, you say?? Let me show you what happened the first couple of days.....

Hey, lookee here...the rest of the little picture tiles. What kind of design layout is that??

See that big beam? That supports the second floor. There are some guys here, right now, cutting that thing to make a slope or an arch or something...all I know is, they had to cut a hole in the bathroom upstairs to do whatever it is they are doing.

I completely forgot that there's a bathroom that's part of this project, too. Are ya lovin' those ice cube lights??

How about the sateen peach shell wall paper?? Stop drooling....

Here's where are now on this...

And, 'cause I know you all gotta be wondering what was under the country blue pineapple wallpaper.....


In all of our family fun over this long holiday weekend, let's all remember what Memorial Day is really all about....all of the brave and special people that make it possible for us to enjoy a weekend like this! Have a good safe.


Janet said...

Why do Realtors always have the most outdated homes??? Gotta love the wallpaper, both layers as well as some of the other "features". Have a good weekend eating out!


Tara said...

I am loving seeing all this work, it will be great!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh MY GOD you're in HOME IMPROVEMENT HELL! I'll pray for you

celestina marie said...

What a big project, but I know it will be beautiful when finished. Can't wait to see more. Have a Happy Memorial Day.
la rea rose

Susie Q said...

This is so exciting!!

I want to add new floors and counters ...and I am thinking about wallpaper in a blue and burgundy pineapple motif!! What do you think??
I remember the 70s!! *smile*
You didn't want to go for retro huh??


We LOVED the package from you and Grace needs to do a note for you. I will get the photos up on blog this week! You are wonderful!

Cassie ROCKS!


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

You're really getting rid of that sink, huh? Think you're too high class for a little rust or what? And what's with the pineapple wallpaper hatred? You must be one of those people who is just NEVER satisfied, eh? I mean for real, woman. I bet there's people lining up all along the eastern seaboard just waiting for a chance to snag those ice cube lights. I'm appalled at your lack of appreciation for the retro decor you are so lucky to own.

And now I must go pray for my soul because I feel so rotten for having said all this nonsense. lol

I can't wait to see the end product! I know you're excited to have it all done, too. Happy Microwave Cooking, in the meantime!