Sunday, September 22

This Looks Familiar

So...lots of great movies on TV could have a marathon if you like to watch some things over and over.  Not everyone gets that, but if there is something I like I can enjoy seeing it many times over.  Just in the last week, the listings have shown some good Fall sports movies..."We Are Marshall"  (and I'm not even a Matthew McConaughey fan, but he is really good in this)

and "Remember The Titans".  Yes...that's right...they dance their way onto the field.  I asked the coach at our school if our team could do this sometime.  No such luck.  

Since these actual events took place in the late 60's and early 70's the soundtracks are stellar.  

I also caught the last few minutes of "Pretty in Pink".  Right at the end?  When Blaine reaches out to shake Duckie's favorite part!

Jon Cryer....where oh where did you get all of that hair?

Anyway....I also watched "The Birds"... and was very aware of something going on around our neighborhood for a couple of days after...



Crazy, right?  See the big nest on top of this pole?  That's a Florida Osprey nest....I don't know how they stay balanced like that!

Hope you all had a spectacular weekend....have a great week!

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