Monday, September 30

Let's Get Ready For Half-Time....

One of the sounds that makes me the happiest is: Marching Bands.  Love the big bass drums and the snares, love the cymbals and the trumpets, love the tubas and trombones.   I just sounds so happy!  And, I've only seen the movie, "Drumline" about 100 times.

As luck would have, our Granddaughter is part of the marching band at her high school and believe it or not...she plays the bass drum!  No kidding, she is a great drummer and what a treat we had watching her...and the rest of the their half time show.

The band is pretty big and she is the smallest drummer.

You can see the cheer mat down in the lower right and in the lower left a lot of kids in dark shirts.  Just so happens that our Grandson was playing drums too, as part of a guest band.  He's in Middle School, so this was a very big deal, to actually play with the High School kids.
They also have a dance team and their half time show has something to do with Aladdin or Genies or whoever it is that wears harem pants.

It was very exciting and tons of just know that all of these kids think that this is the absolute biggest thing that will ever happen to them.  If they only knew, right?
And, what a perfect ending...fireworks!!  The High School is just across the street from Universal Studios and this is the park's closing night display. 

 Lucky us...and, welcome to living in Orlando.   Have an amazing week!

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