Sunday, September 21

Deadliest Catch

Have you ever seen this TV show on the Discovery Channel? These guys go out of Alaska into the Bering Sea to makes lots of money in a short time catching giant Crabs for seafood purveyors. Not just big crabs...giant crabs!

It's no secret that The Hub & I love to visit Alaska and a lot of folks spout off about the incredible seafood you get there...since everything is fresh and all of that. Thats probably sounds good to a huge number of you...but not to me. I don't eat seafood. gives me a shiver to even write about it 'cause that means I have to think about it. Ick.

Anyway...we get a weekly email from Great Alaskan Seafood and they had some sort of 8 hour special this past week that got The Hub all wound up and he ordered Colossal King Crab Legs...weighing in at about a pound each. They arrived packed in dry ice and took up most of the freezer space for a few days. We wanted to share them with friends so we got them thawed out and headed over to their house for dinner (since we still don't have our kitchen set up *sigh*)

The seafood company included a wonderful recipe and the legs were cooked and served and everyone was happy. I had a piece of chicken.

But, before they were all gone, I managed to get this picture so you could see just how colossal they were! I don't just kind of creeps me out to think about breaking your food open to eat it. Kind of like "peel and eat" have to pull their legs off in order to eat them. That sentence just doesn't sound right...pull their legs off. Ick...

But...dinner with good friends and we did have Key Lime Pie for dessert and I don't have one complaint about that!

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