Sunday, August 25

Almost September?

Yes....Fall is probably my favorite season...even in Florida, but I cannot believe it's almost here!  Every store is decked out in Fall Finery and the Fall catalogs are arriving every day.

As you probably know, When Pigs Fly in Mt. Dora is our family shop....with my uber creative and brainiac sister Dawn at the helm.  She re-opened just over a year ago and has done the most amazing things.  The shop is wildly successful and she has been invited to set up at the very prestigious City Farmhouse Barn Show in Tennessee this September.  She and her hubby also have their own Organic Milk Paint line, The Primitive Life, and this has also taken off!  Retailers throughout the US and someone told me that FOLK magazine will be working with them soon. (shhhh)  So very proud of them and excited to be on the fringe of it all!

So...When Pigs Fly has already had Fall Open House, which is lovingly called "Harvest Home" and it was fantastic!

This is the "scoop it yourself" area...parched corn, cinnamon sticks and rosehips potpourri, and some little jacks to use as a filler anywhere.

I want that box on top of this mule trunk...the one with the little drawers and white knobs?  And, throw that pumpkin guy in while you're at it....

This is what you see when you walk in from the front porch.....

Besides Harvest Home, I am back at work full time.  Summers are great...4 days a week, 8-3 or so, but once school starts those pesky 5 day weeks come roaring back.  It is great to see all of the returning kids, the new kids and have teachers returning.  We even won our first football game!

Enjoy the last days of summer, my friends!

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