Tuesday, September 4

Quick Peek!

It's been a long day, but I just wanted to give you a peek at one of my favorite Fall/Halloween guys!

My first choice in style has always been more to the Primitive stuff...and this guy is one of my "I love you so much, you can stay out all year" pieces!  Yes...he sits in my home office space, grinning non-stop throughout every season, even though he thinks everything but Fall is a complete waste of time.  Hand made by a local lady several years ago, I just can't bear to pack him away.

Just last week, The Hub and I made a quick weekend trip to Ohio for his...ahem...50th High School Reunion.  What a great time he had, catching up with classmates and I was lucky enough to meet some of the most wonderful people!  Anyway, one of the get-togethers was held at the home/farm of one of the organizers of the whole thing...something like 50+ acres of pure heaven. That's where I was able to get this picture, just strolling along the edge of the hay field:

Beautiful sunflowers...and a little bee right in the center.  Nothing like this in Florida.
And, finally....the pumpkin I mentioned yesterday, sitting on top of that old box.  It's mercury glass...maybe not the real stuff, but made to look that way.  I have lots of real mercury glass and this fits in perfectly with a mercury glass bowl that is filled with mercury glass acorns that sits on another table.  Once I have everything out, I'll put this little pumpkin right next to that.  Of course, that's our kitty, Jake, and the open book is "Seasons at Seven Gates Farm".  The old spectacles were a find at an antique festival, somewhere, sometime...

Talk to you soon!

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