Tuesday, January 5

It Was A Good Time

It always passes so quickly!  Lots of preparations and excitement…days and days it seems…and then..gone!  We took the main tree in the Living Room out yesterday…officially the end of Christmas.  Here’s a glimpse…

group fix 1

My Mom, The Daughter and The Nephew….pretty good lookin’ bunch!


Three generations…Me, My mom, The Daughter and My Sister….


Sorry…a pie distraction!  Yea…you are seeing it right…Cherry Pie & Banana Cream Pie!  Oh…and let’s not forget the “made from scratch” Date Nut Bread, Crumb Pie, Brownie Pie, Peppermint Bark and Red Velvet Cake.  Oh my growin’ thighs…!

don & kids fix 1

 The Hub and 2 of the grandkids…there were 5 of them there, but just try to get them all together for a picture!  GRRRRRR



cass & bail fix 1

 And…The Daughter & Me. Can you see the sweater she is wearing??  I got that on a thrifting excursion before she was born (almost 26 years ago) and looking at the peacock eye beading and the lining, we are guessing it’s from the ‘40s.  Very, very cool.


 A wonderful end to what seemed like a very full, and sometimes choppy, 2009!  Lots to do in 2010…hope you are all as excited as me!!

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