Monday, November 30

Wow...I Needed That!

A time to re-charge, re-evaluate, re-do...I seriously needed to pull myself together! Anyway...lots of excitement here getting ready for the Christmas Season..

We had a wondeful Fall..Halloween was great and remind me to tell you how I gave some kid my glasses as part of his Trick or Treat candy. Thanksgiving was fun with lots of good food and family...and I once again worked the "Black Friday" 10PM-5AM shift at my part time job! Lots of prep, lots of work, but what a good time we had....

So happy to be back...and many thanks to those of you that checked on me (even though the whole comment thing was disabled, you still got to me!)...I am so excited to see what everyone has been up to and what kind of unbelieveable Holiday Stuff is out there!


Sandi McBride said...

Bout time too! I mean, bout time I checked in on you again...really, I can be so rude! You know, I don't do nor ever have done Black Friday...but the day after Christmas girl I'm there! Hope to see lots more of you!

Susie Q said...

We are so glad you ARE back!
Hey...did you go see my man???
Huh? HUH???

I loved reading your remembrances...and we still go riding to see lights!!
My Dad loved that too.: ) Aren't sweet memories wonderful?

Thank youf or sharing these Cassie...
Hope our card got there and that you and the family will have a wonderfully sweet Christmas Day!!