Wednesday, October 1

Gator Country (and I don't mean Molly Hatchett)

Busy day yesterday...floor installation guys, woodworking guy, electrician guy...busy, busy, busy! The Hub came home at his usual time, and was just sitting down on the back porch to do his afternoon crossword puzzle and sodoku (nerd alert). Then I hear him ..."Hurry! Hurry! Look out back...look out back!"

I look out our bedroom glass door and here's what we see....uh, yeah. 6-8 feet of Florida gator, heading right for the beach! He came in a bit closer after this was taken, but from here, we were about 100 feet or so from where he was. This is taken from the deck that is off of the upstairs bedroom.

There had been some otters playing in this shallow area and we saw the fins of some big shallow carp, but he just sat there. After about 10 minutes, he turned and headed back out to the deeper part of the luck this time.

Kinda creepy, but this lake is full of people on jet ski's and tubes all the time. We have a boat, but there isn't enough money anywhere to get me in that water...or any water, actually. Just Florida, if there's water, there's gators.

Oh...and sorry for the Molly Hatchett crack. For those of you that get it, it's pretty funny, right?? :)


Debbi said...

Love your site and your music.

Susie Q said...

Now who doesn't LOVE tommy James and the Shondels? Oooh! The Buckinghams just came on! LOVE it!

We had gators in a drainage ditch near our home in Brandon. I well remember that...*shudder*

And "I've been to Alabama, people aint a whole lot to see;
Skynyrd says it's a real sweet home but it aint nothing to me.
Charlie Daniels will tell you the good Lord lives in Tenessee, ha!
But I'm going back to Gator Country where the wine and the women are free."
Yup....I am a music geek of sorts! : )


Sandi McBride said...

We had a gator up this far, no kidding...wildlife came to get him but didn't know what to do with him...I heard they took him to Charleston...I'm sure they're pleased, lol!