Monday, April 28

Can You Hear Me Now? ~~Part Deux~~

We had a chance to get some breakfast before we docked in Cozumel...who doesn't love a big ol' fish carved out of melon?

This was what we saw as we walked off of the pier..somehow, it's not what I thought Cozumel would be like. Where's the beach, the white sand, the clear water in shades of green and blue??

Not to worry. The four of us decided to do a full day excursion together: Eco-Jeep & Snorkel. Snorkel is pretty easy to figure out, but what exactly is Eco-Jeep?? There was a big bunch of us and we walked about 4 blocks and we got into our own jeep and followed our guide Laurenzo through downtown Cozumel. So that explains the Jeep part but I never figured out the Eco part...oh, and that's Jorge holding the sign. Do you think anyone knew we were tourists??

Anyway, about 20 miles later we started to see the shoreline. No kidding, the water does look like it is different shades of blue and green. Just amazing...

First stop, more rocks...I mean Mayan ruins..on the beach. Who knew?? Someone asked if the Mayan people were very short...just look at that door! But, as before, we were told that what we are seeing is just the top of a much bigger, ruin.

Laurenzo and Jorge told us they were of Mayan descent (how convenient) and they shared stories about early Mayan settlements and how they existed so close to the water. See the little holes around the top? You can't tell from these pictures, but there is a hole on each side. When strong winds blow, it makes a whistling sound and that was a warning system for tropical storms and hurricanes. That sounds good and is probably true...but, I once again have to do they know this?? Who told them that??

Back in the jeep for a quick ride and we get to our next stop: The Crocodile Zone.

Yes...big , mean-looking salt water crocs. They are actually in a lagoon on the opposite side of the public beach and they usually don't cross over. That word usually bothers me...

After a quick visit with the crocs we head on over to the beach. Now, I never really had any intention of snorkeling, but the visit to the Zone and the above mentioned word, usually, was enough to keep me out of the water. But, John and Jill decided to go for it...risk takers!!

They had to go about a mile out, to the second darker line in the picture below. The water is clear and shallow up to that first dark line and that's where the seaweed gathers. That pretty turquoise strip is a sandbar and then the last dark line is the coral reef.

Can you believe how clear the water is??

After seeing lots of living coral, turtles, tropical fish and rays it was time for a real Mexican lunch. Not Taco Bell, people...real tacos. We all tried the habanero sauce...way too hot for us gringo's!

Me & The Hub and a beautiful beach...and then it's time to head back to the ship.

Once we got the jeeps back and parked we took a quick detour to Senor Frog's, a dockside bar & grill. We have all been to the one in Nassau so we just had to stop here!

Popcorn in a dog interesting.

Back to the ship for another great dinner and a show. Tonight was a tribute band to one of the best Motown groups ever, The Temptations! These guys were so great and the show was a blast. They stepped out of the theater afterwards and took the time to shake hands and meet everyone..really nice guys.

Next stop: Key West...and this little guy has all the info!

This will be our last breakfast fruit carving..since we will be back in Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow morning they won't be serving breakfast. They have to get everyone off of the ship, do all of the cleaning and get ready for new passengers. They do a turn-around the same day!

Welcome to The Conch Republic, better known as Key West! Home of Jimmy Buffet, Ernest Hemingway's hangout Sloppy Joe's, Kino Sandals and just about the oddest bunch of people you'll ever see!

The view as the ship was docking. That's the new Westin Resort...the water really is that color.

This looks like some kind of hotel/resort. You can only get there by boat so it must be pretty exclusive.

The ship from the Key West pier...

A pelican right by the pier...

Gotta stop here...

This is the Kino Sandal Factory and it's been here since 1966. You can watch them make your sandals..and they are only $10!!

Ernest Hemingway's Home...

and his favorite hang out.

We decided not to waste any more money on souvenirs...this lasts forever! ;)

Can't go any further South than this...

This manta ray will guide us home with oodles of wonderful memories...


Janet said...

Glad you trusted your instincts about the "usually" and equally glad to hear that you are as cynical as I am when people tell you "stuff" and expect that you will just take it as gospel. Have a good one..


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the trip thru' your pics....I almost felt like I was there with you. Lotsa' fun....I love the pic of the 4 of you at the end.....thanks for sharing. MM

Susie Q said...

I am so happy that you had such a sweet vacation. Oh how I want to go on a cruise like this! The last time we were stationed in Florida (Tampa), we had a trip planned to Key West 2 months before we were due to be moved. The Navy then decided to move us, guess what? 2 months early! So I still have yet to be in Key West! And I really want to go...and to all those other places you have been! I so enjoyed all your photos...almost as fun as being there. ALMOST. : )

I love the music you have...I sit here reading and looking and singing which frightens the poor pets something awful.